We think our results do the talking

I have been training with Keri Ropati since 2005. The reason I started training was to lose some weight and generally keep fit. Keri had been recommended to me by mutual friends who had achieved great results with her training techniques.
I started training one morning a week which quickly turned into 2 early morning training sessions and within two months I was at my target weight and was feeling fantastic. Basically, I train with Keri now for maintenance, toning and muscle strengthening.
Keri is very different from most trainers as she also comes complete with a food plan. It is her nutritional advice and hard workout sessions that made the weight loss a lot easier. A food diary and a weigh in are compulsory and Keri’s way of ensuring we look after our bodies as best we can, lose the necessary weight and ensure we are eating healthy nutritional food.
Our training sessions involve varied up to date exercises and if you have a problem area then this will indeed get a hammering until you are happy with the result. Keri herself is an inspiration as she keeps her body in absolute mint condition without being obsessed. For me though Keri’s biggest asset is her positive attitude, she is so enthusiastic and encouraging that it makes the session really worthwhile and rewarding.
If her positive attitude wears off on you then you are extremely lucky as she will tell you “YOU ARE EXACTLY WHO AND WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE”. Mind power is huge and plays such an important role in our lives. Keri is not just a trainer, she gets the results you want and goes far and beyond the call of duty to do so. Recently I attended the Golden Door Health Retreat in Australia. I was told my fitness test was so impressive it was one of the best they had seen. I have one person to thank for this…and her name is Keri Ropati. Rachael Carter, Genral Manager - GlobalCap NZ

I began training with Keri Ropati four years ago to relieve stress, gain a higher level of fitness and a healthier body weight. I have been impressed with her professionalism, knowledge and her ability to get the results. She is a very approachable, easy going body coach but pushes her clients to achieve their best and isn’t afraid to ‘crack the whip’ when required.
As a result of her tremendous ability and her persona I have also used her on several of my productions, namely as the body coach of the Fit Club on “April in the Afternoon”. Keri Ropati is the complete Body Coach and Trainer. She will make a difference to everyone’s health, weightloss and fitness goals."
Julie C M Christie ONZM (CEO Eyeworks Australia & NZ)

I am a current client of Keri Ropati and I am pleased to be able to endorse her programme. The genuine interest she shows in my weight loss situation has assisted hugely in my encouraging progress and myself motivation.
I appreciated the opportunity she offered me to contribute to my long term goals. Her manner is very direct in terms of her expectations of me, yet she is considerate of my opinions and needs. Each week progress is reviewed and short term goals may be fine tuned; this includes varying my personal exercise regime which is integrated into my wider life plan of work, health and relaxation.
Keri emphasises that the programme will only work and deliver the results I expect, when I give full physical and mental commitment to the agreed plan. She is a hard task master, but I am relishing her discipline and I am delighted with my progress.
The decision to begin this journey was not easy and I was under no illusions of the demanding self control and willpower that would be necessary. Keri was so supportive and encouraging during those initial few weeks; with the very satisfying progress I have made I can envisage my long term goal of a healthy life style being entirely realistic.
Keri has been instrumental in turning a number of negative aspects of my life around; her down to earth manner and positivity combined with her regular monitoring and review are helping me achieve some very satisfying goals. I unreservedly commend Keri as a personal trainer/motivator. Her formula is simple yet so effective – mutual 100% commitment to the goal. Jackie Marks, General Manager - Stellar International

Keri has been invovled with our staff at Visionstream since november 2010. She provides fitness sessions, education and nutrition training for some of our key staff; to help them with weightloss and fitness. The staff involved: recieve two personal training sessions a week as well as coaching on nutrition and are able to contact her at any stage via phone and email.
We have found Keri to be a good motivator, reliable and approachable. I would recommend Keri for any position suiting her skills.
Rick Mackay, Finance Manager - Visionstream NZ


At the Centre we offer a RESULTS GUARANTEED (or full refund returned) policy and can proudly say have not once needed to apply this guarantee.

Our role as your Personal Trainers/Weight loss Consultants is to take the worry of your health off your list of things to do. Leave us with working around your schedule to ensure that your health, fitness, weight management and life longevity is taken care of.

By eliminating foods that are high in artificial preservative, flavours and sugars, we advocate replacing fuel intake with clean natural foods and with this we strive to create a healthier, leaner society.

We are big advocates of both cardio and strength (resistance) training; certainly with prolonging the aging process where resistance training is a compulsory habit to adopt as we work on increasing our bone mass. Ladies due to our loss of estrogen as we age, strength training is even more imperative.

Whilst magnesium and other nutrients can assist calcium into your bones, it is the strength training that is needed to retain the calcium. Numerous studies over time have shown that strength training increases bone mass especially spinal bone mass. To ensure that we stand tall, strong, and straight adopt the strength training habit.

It is a habit that you must bring into your weekly regime, brushing teeth, showering, training, fueling the body with goodness are all part of what you must do to create and maintain a long happy health positive lifestyle.

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