Anna’s Before & After Story

A year ago I started with Keri, the reason… I had a moment – a friends wedding where I had had my make up and hair done and left the house feeling like I looked pretty good- then the photos came back! One photo with a double chin and massive arms is bad luck, all of the photos means you are walking around with them!

I’m lucky to have a fantastic lifestyle that includes lots of dining out and diner parties, unfortunately however this also resulted in my weight slowly but surely creeping up… I needed to make changes and I needed someone to help me through the process. I didn’t want a bouncy 20 yr old who had no idea of the world I lived in, I needed someone I respected and who would kick my butt into line… That’s where Keri is outstanding, a woman who knows her stuff but also understands daily commitments and lifestyles. The first 3 months were tough but as she said on my first consultation, if you are honest about the food you are eating, follow the guidelines provided and commit to at least 3 months… you will get results.

I got results, I worked bloody hard but she supported me throughout the whole process and was always at the other end of the phone in the times I felt like packing it in! The combination of a food diary, a regular fitness cardio regime and the personal training sessions with Keri I began to see results straight away. Keri’s philosophy is simple, she promotes a change of lifestyle but not one that is unachievable and inflexible, one that actually works and is easily maintained. I lost 11kg in the 3 months then continued on and lost another 4kg in the next 2 months. 15kgs total and a year on I am still at that weight. I now go once a week not because I need to, as exercise and sensible eating is now part of my day to day life, I go because I enjoy it and keeps me challenged and motivated. I never thought that getting excited about a half marathon, road cycle races and triathlons would be part of my life but they are! Keri gave me the guidance, support and skills to achieve the weight loss I needed and now continues to support me in my sporting endeavors and maintaining the weight I worked hard to achieve. I highly recommend making that first appointment with Keri, she will provide you with a plan to achieve your goals and the support you through the process.

  • Date: 08/22/2013
  • Categories: Fitness, Personal Training
  • Client: Anna

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