My personal journey on the 14 day KICK START

My moment was .. I threw on my “Go To” summer denims only to realise I can’t do them up – shock, horror! Expletives precede panic turning to resolve. I knew I had put on a few KG’s on our recent trip to Fiji but this, this I couldn’t stand. Gathering myself up, it all came back to me. The Hilton’s breakfast buffet with their brioches and exotic syrups.. that sweet, cold Fiji Bitter followed by that unreasonably priced Pina Colada.

There was only one thing for it, I needed to fit these shorts and I would use every nutritional weapon known to me after 30 years working in health. I share my 14 day journey with you, using my weapon of my 14 day kick starter plan.  My hope is that you might also rise above the consequences of these worldly pleasures.

Day 1. Initial Weight (59.9 kg)

I feel best around 56.5 kg / 57.0 kg. I think we all know in our self what our personal best weight is, and the challenges between us and our goals differ. Steeling myself against that cheeky glass of sauv, or that Sunday night block of chocolate is never easy. 14 days of ME ME ME… NO ONE will obstruct or stand in my way.

Day 2. (59.2 Kg)

My build is naturally stocky, ideal for a 1st 5 on the league field certainly not the catwalk. However, I am what I am and god blessed me with this vehicle so I in turn will do the best I can with it. Over the last couple of years I have not really been my ideal fighting weight- but I have let it go “Its menopause, and my age,” “it’s all muscle from crossfit.” “Blah blah blah.” But the reality is once I sat down and added up my own calorie intake, I was consuming way too much!

I really missed my old ways – coffee with my natural (high calorie) bar, breakfast with my healthy (still high calorie) cereal. Lots of self talk – I tell my mind to be silent!! By 4.30pm I was ready for dinner!

Day 3. (59.9 kg)

I have gone up. ”Ok, Calm the farm” I tell myself like I tell my clients on a daily basis, “It’s ok, 1 day into this venture will not see me lighter.” For whatever reason may it be fluid or the few treats I had during the weekend before starting my 14 day kickstart. 1 day in I cannot reasonably expect to see a result! Patience, and persistence Kez!
Ps. it was the pizza…

What other people think does not distract me. Because I am little the most common comment is “are you mad you do not need to lose weight” ,”but your all muscle” “you need your food for your training” and so it goes on and on – However I know what I need to do to make ME HAPPY and feel, light, strong, fit and fast (and fit my pants ). Friends will put their 2 pence in, that is all it is, their 2 pence, they mean well- but stay focused and CARRY ON!

Day 4. (58.8 kg)

Yuss !!! .900g down and seriously I feel better, I feel lighter and have more energy, bounced through the morning with clients. I feel like I have got into a bit of a groove now. Boil my eggs before I go down to the studio, look forward to eating them around 0700- Lunch takes me a minute to whip up before I head down to do my own training. Plenty of kilojoules to get me through my two and a half hour daily training session. Originally, I was concerned that upon committing to the 14 day kickstart it would insufficient, so i’m pleased!

Avocado does not agree with me, those poor souls who had to share the training space with me today. #wind Ps. Just lemon juice for me on salad tomorrow!

Day 5. (58.8 kg)

Same weight, still feeling ACE! feeling hungry though, just sucking it up looking forward to the result. – Had some bummer news today about the launch date of this Kickstart and oddly enough my thought was “Ah Stuff it! I may as well have a couple of wines at the dinner tomorrow night.” BUT NO! For no other reason than to prove to myself I can commit to this 14 days, I will not weaken.

I am hungry, but not defeated- it’s all GOOD!

Day 6. (58.2 kg)

FINALLY, all time low- feeling great, but anxious about having a dinner to attend this evening with friends who love to drink and eat lots. I have given myself a big talking to and feel like I have it all under control. On the training side of things my energy is still UP and the cut back in calories has made totally no difference to my energy levels if anything I feel my energised. Crazy I feel somewhat lighter on the bar doing my gymnastics training, 1 kg extra on board does make a big difference.

Back yourself, stay positive. I was really struggling mentally with having to attend this dinner, not drink and only eat the protein and salad being served. I seriously have been dreading it all week. But I survived! I felt so much better for it in the AM.

Day 7. (58 kg)

Slow but steady. I realise I do not miss the old breakfast cereal or bars. Amazing how so much of what we eat and do is habitual. I definitely feel as though the eggs get me through the morning better!

Old habits out one door, then open a new door for the healthier habits. You do not know until you try!

Day 8. (58.2 kg)

OMG the scales are a MIND F*CK, seriously! It’s been very interesting jumping on them every day. The fluctuation is remarkable. I do feel so much better and it will be interesting to put my cut off shorts back on at 6 days and see if there is a difference. I definitely feel leaner.

Take the scales lightly. (pun intended) It’s always a love hate relationship with them. It feels like 1 kg is nothing but I must remember that a 1 kg dumbell attached to my butt when I run or do my pullups makes a massive difference. Stay positive!

Day 9. (58.2 kg)

At this point I am fed up with eggs for breakfast, once I complete this kickstart I am going to look at some other options. However not having to think too much about food and just follow the instructions has been a big bonus. The 2 eggs and 1 slice of bread are around 260 calories so I will calculate my breakfast to that same amount.

Discipline is absolutely a prerequisite. Really needing to dig in… getting bored and frustrated. The 14th day feels like a million months away. Bit disillusioned by those temperamental scales also. But, as a legend- I will finish what I started.

Day 10. (58.2 kg)

Nothing left to say – scales got me like “WTF” I feel different my clothes feel looser. My legs are totally leaner. Maybe a good tip would be to not weigh myself every day! I guess for me as I am doing it as an experiment I need to, but probably not the best motivational tool to work with.

It has now becoming very apparent how little fuel we actually do need to function- not much!

Day 11. (58 kg)

SWEET SUCCESS! A scale shift, it’s always good to keep things positive. I feel great, sharp and most importantly stoked with myself for getting this far. And only have 3 days to go!

Starting to think what am I looking forward to come the completion of day 14!

Day 12. (57.9 kg)

YOU LITTLE BEAUTY! 2KGs down. Now I am positively chuffed. Now I want to hold on, and see what the final 2 days can do. I have now completely rewired my eating patterns. Once I am through with day 14 I will devise a new eating schedule for myself.

Nothing tastes as good as the sweet taste of success! I can see the light now, thank you persistence!

Day 13. (57.9 kg)

Happy, really happy- with myself and with my eating plan! Yes, it has been tough and I have had to pull my head in numerous times! However, it has all been worth it. No, I am not going to stop here. I am going to now devise a maintenance plan!

Great, 13 days to feel great! Really happy that I have set a new ALL TIME High for myself. I will not let myself get above that 58kg again. 58kg personally for me is way too heavy, regardless of what people say! I know what weight I feel ACE at and I will live my life in that balance. YOU KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU! Always be honest with yourself.

Day 14. (57.9 kg)

All done. Batter up! bring on the next challenge. 2KG lighter than I was 14 days ago. I’m thrilled and ready to slip on my summer denims.. bring on the sunny days ahead!

Whoever said “easy come, easy go” was not talking about their weight!


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