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  • team_keri

    Keri Ropati

    Personal Trainer

    Keri found her passion for health, fitness and wellbeing in Liverpool England in late 1990s, where she started as a…

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    Seamus O’Loan

    Personal Trainer

    After 10 years in the New Zealand Police, I chose to turn my passion of health and fitness into my…

Why Choose Us?

We offer a RESULTS GUARANTEED (or full refund returned) policy and can proudly say have not once needed to apply this guarantee. Our role as your Personal Trainers/Weight loss Consultants is to take the worry of your health off your list of things to do.

Leave us with working around your schedule to ensure that your health, fitness, weight management and life longevity is taken care of.

By eliminating foods that are high in artificial preservative, flavours and sugars, we advocate replacing fuel intake with clean natural foods and with this we strive to create a healthier, leaner society.

We are big advocates of both cardio and strength (resistance) training; certainly with prolonging the aging process where resistance training is a compulsory habit to adopt as we work on increasing our bone mass. Ladies due to our loss of estrogen as we age, strength training is even more imperative. Whilst magnesium and other nutrients can assist calcium into your bones, it is the strength training that is needed to retain the calcium. Numerous studies over time have shown that strength training increases bone mass especially spinal bone mass. To ensure that we stand tall, strong, and straight adopt the strength training habit.

It is a habit that you must bring into your weekly regime, brushing teeth, showering, training, fueling the body with goodness are all part of what you must do to create and maintain a long happy health positive lifestyle.


Our Skills

At Keri Ropati Weightloss & Fitness Centre, our skilled team can help you reach your goal fitness goals. No more excuses, the new you starts today!

  • Stength Training 100%

  • Cardio 100%

  • Nutrition 100%

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